Molson Coors Mid Shropshire Bowling League 2024


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Current Week's Fixtures/Results24
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WAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWPP
Thu 11th Apr Afternoon Afternoon
51168St GeorgesVMadeley CC1641 
21062Albrighton BlueVEdgmond A71164 
1851Edgmond BVAlbrighton Red81175 
1671HighleyVDonnington Wood81245 
Thu 11th Apr Thursday Thursday
716438SinclairVAllscott Heath A191021 
516135NewportVPrince Hotel A231153 
615135Wrock WoodVSJ Bayley261392 
212524Allscott Heath BVSt. Georges321416 
111120Meole BraceVCastlefields371617 
Mon 15th Apr Monday Division 4
920212Bowring CVBroseley B11531 
920012Wrock Wood CVHighley11061 
819211SJ Bayley CVBridgnorth C21412 
719210Trench CVDonn Wood B31563 
719010Allscott Heath CVSt Georges C31393 
717310Shifnal CVNewport D31583 
Mon 15th Apr Monday Division 5
819811SJ Bayley DVShifnal D21542 
719710H U S C CVMadeley CC C31513 
61909Horsehay BVHorsehay C41654 
41858Albrighton BVSinclair C81856 
21382Bowring DVMuch Wenlock B121928 
Bridgnorth DVCharlton B 
Mon 15th Apr Monday Division 6
720210Donn Wood CVEdgmond B31373 
718010Allscott Heath EVNewport E31653 
21592Madeley CC DVAlbrighton C121918 
41564Edgmond CVBylet B101786 
41444Much Wenlock CVMaddocks B101636 
St. George’s DVAllscott Heath D 
Wed 17th Apr Thursday Thursday
Prince Hotel BVShifnal 
Thu 18th Apr Afternoon Afternoon
Donnington WoodVEdgmond B 
Edgmond AVBowring 
HighleyVSt Georges 
Madeley CCVAlbrighton Blue 
Thu 18th Apr Thursday Thursday
Allscott Heath BVCharlton 
CastlefieldsVWrock Wood 
Prince Hotel AVMeole Brace 
ShifnalVAllscott Heath A 
SJ BayleyVSinclair 
St. GeorgesVNewport 
TrenchVPrince Hotel B 
Fri 19th Apr Friday Division 1
Bowring AVNewport A 
Donn Wood AVWrock Wood A 
H U S C AVAllscott Heath A 
Madeley C C AVSt Georges A 
Shifnal AVSJ Bayley A 
Sinclair AVBylet A 
Fri 19th Apr Friday Division 2
Allscott Heath BVBridgnorth A 
Charlton AVSinclair B 
Horsehay AVMuch Wenlock A 
Newport BVBroseley A 
SJ Bayley BVShifnal B 
Trench AVWrock Wood B 
Fri 19th Apr Friday Division 3
Albrighton AVBowring B 
Bridgnorth BVH U S C B 
Chelmarsh AVMadeley CC B 
Newport CVEdgmond A 
St Georges BVTrench B 
Worfield AVMaddocks A 
Mon 22nd Apr Monday Division 4
Bowring CVSJ Bayley C 
Bridgnorth CVAllscott Heath C 
Broseley BVWrock Wood C 
Donn Wood BVShifnal C 
HighleyVNewport D 
St Georges CVTrench C 
Mon 22nd Apr Monday Division 5
Bowring DVSJ Bayley D 
Horsehay CVAlbrighton B 
Madeley CC CVCharlton B 
Much Wenlock BVH U S C C 
Shifnal DVHorsehay B 
Sinclair CVBridgnorth D 
Mon 22nd Apr Monday Division 6
Albrighton CVEdgmond C 
Allscott Heath DVMuch Wenlock C 
Bylet BVNewport E 
Edgmond BVSt. George’s D 
Maddocks BVAllscott Heath E 
Newport FVMadeley CC D