Market Drayton Seniors Bowling League 2024

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Roger Haynes Wendy Icke Simon Fullard

Wed 17th Apr 13 Matches


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Mon 8th Apr

After the gales of the weekend following the rain we've had beforehand there may well be problems with greens throughout the league on Wednesday. Some will no doubt have areas cordoned off and all will be slippery in places,some may even be unplayable. Please everyone take care-A and E departments are not good places to go to!

If there are problems please report them in good time and remember matches will generally have to be played within 14 days if there is a cancellation/postponement.

Wed 20th Mar

The fixtures for the MDSCBL will be released on Saturday 23rd following the member clubs "voting" on the league division composition.

The League Doubles  rounds will be May 15th, June 12th, July 17th and September 4th or the Thursdays after those dates if 2 First Division Clubs are playing each other.


Wed 6th Mar

We have 4 new teams entered for 2024.

Prees B, Tilstock B, Wollerton B and Whixall a new club. Cheswardine have withdrawn and joined the Barlows League.

Consequently this means there will be 26 teams for 2024.

It has been decided at the AGM that clubs need to indicate to Simon Fullard by March 19th which of the following options they would like for the make up of the divisions.

A letter has been sent to the Clubs for your response


Option 1

Two Divisions of 13 teams with no Cup Doubles.unless they were all played on Thursdays. This would need 26 weeks of fixtures starting on April 3rd

Option 2

Division One 14 teams. Division Two 12 Teams. Both Divisions would start April 3rd.

Division Two would have 4 free weeks.

During these free weeks there would be the usual Cup Doubles Matches.

Played on the Wed if 2 teams from the Division Two were drawn against each other or on the Thursday if a Division One team was involved as they would be playing a normal League game on the Wed.

Option 3

Two Divisons of 9 and one of 8 teams.

This would mean only 18 weeks required for the Divisions of 9 and 14 weeks for the Division of 8.

This would leave plenty of spare weeks to hold the Cup Doubles but would also mean a much shorter season for the Division of 8 teams


Tue 5th Mar

Following the EGM today we are now part of a new Association to be known as NORTH SHROPSHIRE VETERANS CROWN GREEN BOWLS ASSOCIATION and can look to the future of our League with confidence. Thanks to everyone who turned up at Tilstock to make this happen . Veterans Bowling in North Shropshire now looks set for a great future.