Lancaster & District Veterans Bowling League 2024

Chairman Secretary Treasurer

Barry Guise

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Mike Ellis

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Roger Nevinson

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Match/Fixture Secretary

Graham Brandwood

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Thu 25th Apr 15 Matches
Thu 2nd May 15 Matches

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Commencement Of The League:   Thursday 25th April 2024


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Fri 12th Apr

The 1st round of the cup is now on-line under 2024 cup draw.  A reminder that handicaps need to go on the scorecard at the start of each game. 

Thank you to all the clubs who have updated their player lists for the coming season, including adding BCGBA registration numbers.  If you haven't done this it would be appreciated if all clubs could update their lists before the start of the season.  Any problems, please contact the Fixture Secretary.

Wed 6th Mar

The fixtures in Divisions 3 and 4 have been tweaked slightly as Lune Road B should be in Division 4 and Overton in Division 3.  This is as a result of a play off last season to determine who finished bottom in Division 3.  Unfortunately as a result of the changes both Lune Road teams are currently at home on the 6th June and 4th July.  One option is for one of the teams to play at 11am on the Thursday and the other team at 2pm.  Alternatively, it might be possible to re-arrange a match on a cup date if teams ar eno longer involved.  Further information to follow in due course.

Wed 28th Feb

Please can captains update their players for the forthcoming season.  You can do this simply by logging on with the club log in number.  It is also worth checking that you have the names the right way round as I have noticed some have surnames for first names and vice versa.  This might make it difficult to record results once the season starts.  It would also be appreciated if you could put regstration numbers against each player.  Many Thanks.

At the recent league management meeting it was agreed that clubs would retain the ability to add players (or delete them) throughout the season.

Mon 26th Feb

Following the recent management meeting the 2024 fixtures have been revised to reflect that promotion and relegation at the end of the 2023 season should have been one up and one down (rather than two up and two down).