Bandit Bowls 2023/24

This is the new site of the Winter Series Bowling run by Jamie brookes that used to be on the North Shropshire Parks Website.


Important Dates:


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Sun 17th Mar 2024

Results of today's Two Man Team Competion are on the 2023 Competitions Results Link.

Sat 23rd Dec

Pictures of the Fancy Dress of the Session matches played on Sun Dec17th may be viewed on the Fancy Dress Photos link

Sun 3rd Dec

Today's matches have been cancelled due to snow.

Fri 13th Oct
Bandit Bowls. 2023-2024 winter series.
To be run on available Saturdays & Sundays throughout the winter
Saturdays are as in the original winter series format. 09:00. 13up. Handicapped. Round robin (minimum of 3 games). With group winners & best ofs going into knockouts down to a final winner. £12 entry (£5 x daily payout. £1 x host club. £1 x Bandit Bowls. £5 x finals day). Weekly group & k/o points building into season table. 
Finals day x Saturday March 23rd 2024.
Sundays are the same as in recent previous seasons/years
13up. Handicapped. £7. Round robin (minimum of 3 games). Weekly group points building into season table. 
Consolation finals day x March 17th 2024. 
Eligibility is for anyone from positions 41+ as of March 11th 2024 who have paid into 10 separate weeks (but must have played in 5.......but can buy in @ £7 per week).
Main Finals day x March 24th 2024. Top 40 + last 8 of consolation.
Sunday sessions x 32 per session (numbers permitting)
Session 1: 09:00-12:15.
Session 2: 12:15-15:30.
Session 3: 15:30-??:??
Entrants need to be there at least 20 mins prior/early so as to be running to time
Please advise of preferred sessions but be aware that I can’t guarantee a timing dependent on the popularity.
Remember to give me 3 song choices for the playlist.
Positions are based off the following criteria
Total points/chalks scored
Head to head
Better aggregate
3 end playoff (ends won or 1st to win 2 ends). If it's level after 2 ends then the winner of a coin toss decides who has the jack for the last end.
The highest division you play is your handicap
0 x County/Premier
1 x Div 1
2 x Div 2
3 x Div 3
4 x Div 4
5 x Div 5+
home bowlers have a -1 off of their normal handicap

Points scored
25 x 1st
15 x 2nd
10 x 3rd
05 x 4th
05 x 5th
25 x winner
20 x runner up
15 x semi
10 x quarters
05 x R16
The winter series is run on a competitive but social understanding and is open to any bowler but please be aware I, alone, will decide who I allow to play.
If any club/venue is interested in hosting please contact me.
Preferably contact me via WhatsApp, text or messenger
Let’s enjoy the winter season and thank you for your continued support.