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Shrewsbury Senior Citizens Bowling League 2023

Sponsored by Salop Leisure



 League Secretary

 Chris Kershaw

01743 368037





 Roger Whitfield






 Margaret Cooper

01743 359122




 Margaret Cooper


 Hon Life Member 

     Harold Banks 


  Fixtures Secretary

Chris Kershaw

 01743 368037


Vice Chairman 

 Martin Blizard

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The End of Season meeting was held on Monday 18th September at Meole Brace BC. 

The minutes of the meeting are available for viewing by going to the green area to your left and clicking on "September Meeting Minutes" to open it



The next meeting will be the AGM to be held on Monday 8th January 2024 at the Bagley club starting at 2:00pm.

The Agenda plus the minutes of the previous AGM can be viewed in the green area to your left.






Re-arranging a Match - Rule 10(g)
This is a reminder to all team captains that if you decide to re-arrange a match due to a shortage of players, there will be a 3 point penalty deduction made by the Fixtures/Results Secretary from your accumulated points scored to date once the match has been played. However, there will be no points deducted if a re-arrangement is due to 1) weather/ground conditions, 2) a death or funeral affecting the entire team or 3) one or more players from a team selected to play for a County competition
If a match is re-arranged please inform the Fixtures/Results Secretary ASAP so that the match can be set to a postpone and also confirm the new date of the match, once agreed, so that the online system can be updated

Suitable Footwear at League Matches 


This is a reminder regarding the BCGBA rule on open toed footwear which states:  


Law 10.3: Suitable footwear must be worn. Hard or block-heeled footwear, or open-toed footwear must not be worn whilst on the green in any match played under the Association’s jurisdiction. 


As all our matches are played under the BCGBA's jurisdiction this means that any player not conforming to the above cannot play in a League match unless they change into approved footwear






Club Contacts


If you have to contact another team captain or club official, you need to log on using your club password (as if you are entering your home match results), and then select Club Contacts which will open up a new page displaying contact names and telephone numbers.