Malpas Seniors Bowling League 2024

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Mon 15th Apr 2 results from 2 Matches
Wed 17th Apr 12 Matches

Welcome to the Malpas Seniors Bowling League Results site.


This is an over 60's afternoon bowling league with most league matches played on Wednesday afternoons at 2pm.


This season we are trialling a different bowling format. We will have 3 Divisions of 8 teams and we will play a mix of league singles and league doubles matches. We will start the season on 3rd April with standard singles matches for 7 weeks. Week 8 is reserved for the Colin Paxton 1 qualifier (see below). The next 7 weeks will be the reverse fixtures for the singles followed by the Colin Paxton 2 qualifier.


Then, starting on the 24th July we will have 7 weeks of team doubles matches. These will either be home OR away depending on how the computer draws the fixtures. 


There will be no reverse fixtures.


There will be NO Thursday knock-out doubles this year. The league doubles matches will compete for the trophies usually awarded for knock out doubles. If you want to see this pictorially it is under the link called 2024 Format or you can click here.


In addition to the above league matches there are 3 individual competitions. The Colin Paxton, mentioned above, which is a draw for partners doubles competition and 

The Ann Guinney Cup - Individual Singles (Ladies).
The Dick Allen Cup - Individual Singles (Gents).

Speak to your Captain for more information or check out the Competitions information page.





Important Dates:


Latest information:


Sat 13th Apr

A few people are already looking ahead to the doubles part of the season and have been asking about fixtures. We have therefore asked the computer to do its thing and the doubles fixtures have now been produced. There will be no need for morning matches during the doubles part of the season as Garden Village B and Garden Village C are going to share the green for their home matches with each match having 2 jacks on the green simultaneously. Matches will start at 2pm and the away team will have the jack as normal.


Thu 11th Apr

Can any home team captains who are rearranging postponed matches, please let the League Secretary know as soon as you have a new date.