BCGBA Return to play Guidance

Information Sheet re fixtures 

As this is the year that we hope things return to normal, the two divisions in the Rothay League will operate on a different basis in 2021.


 Firstly, I have taken the 2019 fixture lists and replicated them.  As Lindale will only have one team this year, I have removed them from division one and left them in division two.  This makes the two divisions equal in number.  Secondly, I have not taken into account any promotions or relegations.  Thirdly it is about returning to play competitive bowls when a club or team feel confident about doing so.


You will see that the fixture lists commence on Monday 19 April and end on Monday 13 September.  Within this timeframe, I would like clubs to have flexibility and choice.  If a club does not want to play until May or June, that is fine.  It will then be their responsibility to reorganise the earlier matches with their opponents and play them at any time during the season.  As the end date is into September, any team who wants to rearrange these last two matches earlier in the season may do so, as long as all games are completed by 14 September.   


The fixtures will be put onto the Mike Beckett system and Denise Noble has agreed to oversee this for the season but I must stress that she will not be taking on the role of Rothay League secretary.  That position still needs to be filled at the AGM in November.


After consultation with the treasurer, for this year only, providing that teams fulfil all fixtures, we will give small trophies for the winners and runners up in each league. 


For the 2022 season, we will look at the results for 2019 and make the relevant promotions and relegations for both divisions when compiling the fixture list.

I would like to wish you a happy and safe bowling season. 

Sue Todd