Rothay Bowling League 2024


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 R U L E S

Updated following the Annual General Meeting on November 27th 2018 changes in bold




1. The games shall be 21 up, and played according to the Laws of the game of crown green bowls, as published in the current British Crown Green Bowling Association Official Handbook, a copy of which should be available at each Club.


2.  Standard jacks with a valid testing date shall be used. 


3. Any appeal under the existing rules, or any matter not covered by the existing rules, shall be determined by the Executive Committee.


4. Resolutions to amend any of these rules must be submitted in writing to the Correspondence Secretary by 31 October.


The rule(s) shall be amended only if passed by a majority of those members present and eligible to vote at an Annual General Meeting. Two representatives of each Club may vote





a)  Teams shall consist of 8 players. 


b)  Both teams shall have use of the match jacks for practice before the commencement of the match, and the visiting team shall have the first throw of the jack in each game


c)   Any team failing to field 8 players within 45 minutes of the start time must forfeit the other games 21-0.  Such  games shall be recorded as walkovers on the match card.  Players left without a game shall receive the appropriate merit points and an aggregate score of 21-11. 


d)   Merit order, arrived at from two points for a home win and three points for an away win, followed by aggregate, shall determine the pairing of opponents.  At the start of the season, the final merit order from the previous season should be used for the first week only.  After the first week, anyone playing for the first time shall be deemed to have a merit score of zero-zero.


e)   On each and every occasion that players switch divisions from the 1st to the 2nd division they must go to the top of the merit order, and when going from the 2nd to the 1st division, they shall play their first game at the bottom.  After one game, the player moves to the correct position in the order for that division.  If a player from the 2nd division moves up to the 1st division and subsequently returns to the 2nd division, any merit points they have gained in the higher division shall automatically carry back down to the 2nd division and, after one game at the top of the merit order, the totality of their merit points shall determine their correct position in that division. When a player from a lower division moves to play in a higher division then moves back down again into the lower division, that player should only take back down with them any plus merits and plus aggregate points.  If they have lost, then those points should be disregarded


f)  When switching between teams in the same division, merit and aggregate points are carried across for the purpose of determining the pairing of opponents. Merit points gained from extra games e.g. as a result of playing for another team during bye weeks, are disregarded.  When switching between clubs, merit and aggregate points from the former club are disregarded.



a)  The registration of players will be effected by the first appearance of their names on the team sheets forwarded to the Secretary. In the case of a new player, their B.C.G.B.A. registration number must be noted on the match card, or forwarded to the League Correspondence Secretary within 14 days.


b)  A bowler may play for any team within a Club though not in the same fixture week.


c)  If a player already registered with a Club wishes to play for another Club during the same season, he must make an application to the League Executive through the Secretary for their permission for re-registration. Any application for re-registration will be considered by the Executive Committee and a response given within 14 days.



a)  Matches shall be played on the day printed in the fixture list and shall commence at 7.00 p.m. except for the first four weeks and the last four weeks of the League programme when the start time shall be 6.30 p.m. Start times may be modified by mutual agreement of the captains.


b)   Unscheduled re-arrangements: 

i)   Fixtures must not be postponed due to holidays etc., whenever necessary teams should be drawn from the club's pool of players to fulfil their obligations. In the event of special circumstances, this does not include selection problems, a match may be postponed by mutual agreement of the captains. However, the re-arranged match must be played within the following 2 weeks.  Failure to do so will result in the Executive Committee giving the clubs one more chance to play it on a day of the 3rd week to be designated by the Committee.  If both teams refuse = zero points each, if one team refuses = 10 points will be awarded to the opponents.


ii)  In the event of a green being unplayable, the home captain must inform the captain of the visiting team that the match is to be postponed in sufficient time to prevent the away team travelling.  If the weather deteriorates and the green becomes unplayable either too late to prevent the away team travelling or after the match has commenced, the match may be postponed by mutual agreement of the captains. In the event of the captains being unable to agree, the home captain shall have the final decision.


iii) The date and/or time for playing any postponed or abandoned matches shall be determined by the two captains, but they must be played within one month of the date of the original fixture, or by the last week of fixtures, whichever is the earlier.  Abandoned matches shall be resumed from the point of cessation, with the original teams. The Fixtures Secretary must be informed of any postponed or abandoned matches, together with the re-arranged dates.


(iv)Abandoned matches shall be resumed from the point of cessation, with the original team members where possible. In the event that an original team member is unable to play in the replayed match then a substitute of lesser merit rating may be used, provided that such player has not previously played in the week of the original fixture.


8. There shall be one scorer for each game. Any dispute on the scorecard to be resolved by the two captains.  Scoreboards, which must be visible to the players, should be used for all games.


9. The match result shall be determined by 1 point for each individual win plus 2 points for the team with the greater aggregate. If the aggregate is tied, each team shall score 1 point.



a)  Each team sheet must include a complete list showing the names of the players, the individual scores and the results of the matches.  They must be signed by both team captains and must be forwarded immediately to the Fixtures Secretary by e-mail or by first class post.  If e-mail is used, the signed match sheet should be retained and passed to the Fixtures Secretary whenever convenient. 


b)  Team captains shall be solely responsible for using the correct merit order during the course of the season.  Player record sheets shall be completed week by week and made available to the captains of visiting teams if requested


11. The team making the highest number of points throughout the season to be declared the winner.  Should two or more teams tie at the end of the season with equal number of points, their placing shall be determined by aggregate. Two teams shall be promoted and two teams relegated between each division.  Whenever it is necessary to adjust the number of teams in a division, this shall be effected by increasing the number of teams promoted from the lower division. 





12. The above competitions are for all teams in the Rothay League.  The Host Club will be responsible for making the draw and running the competitions.  Dates and venues to be confirmed at the AGM..


Rothay Knockout Cup



Teams to consist of three sets of two players from each club team.Players must play forthe team for which they have played most games in the current season, or have not played for any team.


(a)     All games shall be 21 up, unless weather or other circumstances dictate otherwise.  Total aggregate score to decide the winner.  Any match resulting in a tie on points, the team with 2 wins to be the winner.  In the event of the outcome of a match having been decided before the conclusion of the third game, such game may be terminated by mutual agreement of the captains. On the day any player from the qualifying team shall be able to play in any round.  Teams to provide a raffle prize. There shall be some form of recognition for the winners and runners-up to keep, as well as the perpetual Cup.


(b)    It is assumed that all teams will take part, but if any team(s) withdraw, the following shall apply:

  • minimum of 8 teams: straight knockout
  • 6-7 teams: teams to play each other in two groups, the group winners playing in the final;
  • less than 6 teams: competition cancelled.


(c)     Teams wishing to withdraw must notify the Secretary not less than 2 weeks prior to the playing date, when the draw will be made.  If any team withdraws after the draw has been made, a £10.00 supplement will be added to the registration fee for that team for the following season.


(d)     Clubs to be responsible for ensuring that any trophies have been engraved before the end of the season



Individuall Merit Cup



a)       Shall be played between the top two players of each club team, or next in line if these are not available.  Players are eligible to play only in the division in which they have played the majority of their games.


b)      All games to be 21 up, unless weather or other circumstances dictate otherwise.  The Division 2 Cup to be played on the second Saturday following the end of the league fixtures, and the Division 1 Cup on the following day.


c)       It is assumed that 2 players from each team will take part, but if any team wishes to withdraw one or both players, the Secretary must be notified not less than 2 weeks prior to the playing date, when the draw will be made.  If any team withdraws players after the draw has been made, a £10.00 supplement per player will be added to the registration fee for that team for the following season.


d)      Each Club to provide a raffle prize.  There shall be some form of recognition for the winners and runners-up to keep, in addition to the Rose Bowl.