Rothay Bowling League 2024


President Chairman/Point of Contact MB Administrator Treasurer

Jeff Harris 

 (015394) 31828

Sue Todd

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Joanne Stonehouse


Peter Milner

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Welcome by the chairman


The chairman welcomed everyone to the 2021 Rothay League AGM and made the following remarks.  “Since the last AGM in November 2019, the country has been in the throes of a pandemic – Covid19 – which had decimated the bowling in 2020 and severely curtailed the Rothay League in 2021.


Sadly, we have lost a number of bowlers during this period and asked members present to confirm their names:


Allithwaite – Jeff and Hilary Seed; Burneside – Arthur Walker, Jessie Greenop and Peter Fell; Coniston – Mike Simm; Hawkshead – Gordon Wilkinson and Tony Butterworth; Langdale – Ernie Rigg, Vic  Cousins and Bob Burgin; Lower Holker – Alan Oldcorn; Staveley – Terry Clancy (President); Windermere – Peter Dixon and Chris West


Members then stood for a minutes silence in memory of these bowlers.


The chairman then went onto add: “as you know Jeff is retiring this year as Treasurer” and thanked him on the league’s behalf for his excellent service over the past 30 years.


The chairman thanked Erline for her work as Secretary of the Rothay League as she stood down in 2019.


The chairman also thanked Denise Noble who looked after the Mike Beckett system and who, despite many amendments, undertook this task without complaint over this shortened season.




Sue Todd, Chairman, Jeff Harris, Treasurer.  Clubs represented were: Allithwaite, Ambleside, Bowness, Burneside, Coniston, Crosthwaite, Langdale, Levens, Staveley and Windermere


Apologies for absence


Received from Erline Robinson, Peter Milner, Denise Noble and Brian Holmes


Minutes of the 2019 AGM


Minutes of the 2019 AGM had been circulated via the Rothay League website.



Matters Arising


It was asked if the Rothay League had any plans to celebrate its 60th anniversary.  The chairman stated that for the 50th occasion, the league had held a mixed doubles competition at Staveley.  John Beckett and Erline had produced a booklet outlining the history of the league.


The chairman then asked for a show of hands to see if there was any interest in principle for the league organising an event for this in 2022 and this was agreed.  It was suggested that Ambleside host the event and this too was agreed.


Treasurer’s Report


The 2019 balance sheet was available to members and Jeff added the following report. 


The balance of £1438.29 from 2019 was carried over; subscriptions paid in 2020 amounted to £485.00 (and these will be carried over for the 2022 season). Fines received totalled £40.00.   Cumberland Building society interest gained was £9.01 in 2020 and £7.39 in 2021, making a total of £1979.69.


Expenditure since 2019 included Stationary of £12.00; Hayes Garden World voucher of £50.00 (Secretary’s retirement gift); affiliation fees to the county of £50.00; public liability insurance of £49.00 and payment to Mike Beckett for the results website £15.40, making a total of £176.40. 


This then leaves a balance of £1803.29 in the Cumberland Building Society.


Adoption of the reports


The chairman then asked the meeting to adopt both the minutes and the Treasurer’s Report.  This was proposed by Coniston; seconded by Crosthwaite and carried unanimously.


Honorarium and expenses


None had been paid during the last 2 years but it was noted that the Secretary’s honorarium had increased to £75.00 per year.


Notices of Motion


Received from Burneside:


Burneside Bowling Club would like the Rothay League matches to be played on a Wednesday evening.  The Seniors League matches are on a Monday afternoon.  If this proposal is accepted it would avoid bowlers say from Springfield who played in the afternoon travelling to Coniston in the evening.  We understand that the Morecambe League play their games on a Wednesday night.  Could those teams not involved in that league play their Rothay games on a Wednesday thus avoiding the travel issue, subject to agreement from their opponents?


When asked, there was no seconder for this proposition and so it was not voted on.


Election of Officers


President – Jeff Harris.  Proposed by Joanne Stonehouse; seconded by Julie Johnson and carried unanimously


Chairman – Sue Todd.  Proposed by Julie Johnson; seconded by Ray Wilson and carried unanimously


Treasurer – Peter Milner.  Proposed by Jeff Harris; seconded by J Tattersall and carried unanimously


Secretary – no nominations were received so the chairman stated that she was happy for the role to be spilt if it helped.  One part would be the looking after the results on the Mike Beckett system and the other would be administration, ie recording minutes and being the point of contact for the Rothay League.  There were still no takers so the chairman said that an EGM would be held in early February 2022 and hopefully the survival of the Rothay League would be secured.


Jeff then suggested that a report with a request for someone to come forward be sent to the Westmorland Gazette.


Representatives to the county association – no nominations received.


Date of League events 2022


The chairman then asked those clubs present to confirm how many teams they were likely to field in the Rothay League for the next season.  Of those who responded, the totals came to 9 in each division (subject to confirmation).  This would then require an 18 week league programme, so on that basis it was agreed the following:


Start of the league season – Monday 11 April 2022


Individual Merit Competitions:


Before these dates were decided, the chairman asked if the clubs who were down for hosting in both 2020 be prepared to do this in 2022.  They agreed in principle but need to confirm, so the dates will be:


Division 1 Merit Cup – Saturday 17 September at Bowness

Division 2 Merit Cup – Sunday 18 September at Hawkshead


The chairman then asked if the following club that were due to host these competitions would do so as follows (again subject to agreement from the clubs):


Division 1 Merit Cup 2023 – Langdale

Division 2 Merit Cup 2023 – Leven Valley


Division 1 Merit Cup 2024 – Levens

Division 2 Merit Cup 2024 – Lindale


The date for the proposed 60th anniversary competition was pencilled in for Saturday 9 April 2022 at Ambleside. 


Any other business


Alan Gilpin informed the Rothay League members present that there will be a meeting at the Ivy League Club, Kendal on Monday 29 November 2021 at 7.30 pm to discuss formalising an events/competitions calendar for 2022 and urged clubs to be represented.


The chairman asked the meeting to agree to send flowers to Erline and Denise (for all her help this year) and this was carried.


The chairman then made a presentation to Jeff as retiring treasurer on behalf of the Rothay League as a token of thanks for his years of tenure.


The chairman informed the meeting that she had attended a BCGBA management meeting at Northwich on Saturday 20 November and reported the following:


BCGBA was now a member of the Bowls Development Alliance (BDA) with Mark Birkenshaw being given a place on the BDA Board of Directors.  A contract between the two parties had been drawn up – to be voted on at the BCGBA Annual General Meeting in January 2022.  The BDA includes all bowls disciplines and will bid for funding from Sport England.


Handbooks will be printed again in 2022 and will cost £3.00 each.  These will be distributed in March of next year.


The laws of the game are only voted on every 3 years so the Referees’ Society were tasked with looking at them and submitting propositions for the AGM.  A lot of the proposals will be a tidying up exercise but some will look at the language used in definitions and elsewhere with a view to making them easier to understand.


Heaton Park now has two crown greens and Manchester City Council are very keen to improve facilities there, ie putting in more seating, shelter etc, as is the BCGBA.  The Champion of Champions will be held there next year and probably more finals of various competitions as well as any coaching.  Note: the Waterloo is not in existence any more.


Endsleigh’s contract to provide insurance cover for bowls has now come to an end and the BCGBA have asked interested parties to put in tenders.  These are due to be discussed and the successful bid announced next year.


The chairman thanked Ambleside for the use of their facilities and thanked all members who attended.


The meeting closed at 7.55 pm