Rothay Bowling League 2024


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Jeff Harris 

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Sue Todd

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Joanne Stonehouse


Peter Milner

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Rothay Bowling League

Inaugurated in 1961




Updated following 2017 AGM, changes in bold




The name of the league shall be theRothay Bowling League.




The objectives of the League shall be:

a)               to further the interest in crown green bowls in villages within the area bounded by the Rivers Kent and Crake.


b)         to maintain the best traditions of sportsmanship within the game of crown green bowls.


The League shall strive to achieve those objectives by:

a)         providing structures for competitive bowling.

b)               establishing and maintaining structures, Rules and procedures which are as straightforward as possible and which offer maximum opportunity for amicable solution to any problems which may arise




The League shall be administered by an Executive Committee consisting of the President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer (the officers).

The President shall be nominated by the Executive Committee, for approval at the appropriate Annual General Meeting, and shall hold the office for a period of three years.

The other officers shall be elected annually.

The Executive Committee shall decide on matters of urgency.

At Annual General Meetings, officers shall not have a vote unless representing a Club.




Applications for membership to the League shall be considered from any club within the geographical limits (see Objectives above) of the League.

Applications must be submitted, in writing, to the Secretary by 30 September for consideration at the subsequent Annual General Meeting.

Any club wishing to resign or withdraw a team from the League must inform the Secretary in writing.

Club fees and Team registration fees shall be payable at the time and at the rate determined by the Executive Committee.





An Annual General Meeting, which is open to all members of clubs within the League, shall be held on the fourth Tuesday in November.

All clubs shall be given notice of this meeting, at least 28 days in advance.

An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened on request of not less than three clubs, such requests to be submitted in writing to the Secretary.

All clubs shall be given notice of such a meeting, at least 14 days in advance.

The Executive Committee shall, if necessary, meet annually in early October to review the operation of the preceding season, and consider any proposals which had been submitted to the Secretary by 30 September.




All clubs must pay any outstanding dues to the League before 31 October each year, when the League’s accounts shall be closed for presentation to members at the Annual General Meeting.

Any club in default of payment shall be the subject of enquiry by the officers who shall report the outcome to the Annual General Meeting.

The income of the League shall be applied solely towards the promotion and execution of the objectives of the League.

Any officer of the League, or anyone acting on their behalf, shall receive repayment of any reasonable and proper expenses incurred whilst carrying out the business of the League.

The amount of any Honorariumto be paid to the League Secretary shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting.

Funds shall be held in a suitable Bank or Building Society account and cheques signed by two of the officers




The League shall affiliate to the Cumbria County Crown Green Bowling Association




The League shall only be dissolved by a resolution passed by three-quarters of those members present and eligible to vote at either an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.

If so resolved, any material or financial assets shall then be held in trust by the Cumbria County Crown Green Bowling Association pending the formation of a new League in the area. If after a period of seven years no such League has come into existence, the Association may then utilise the assets as they think best for the benefit of crown green bowling in Cumbria.




Any resolutions to amend this Constitution must be submitted in writing to the Secretary by 30 September.

The Constitution shall be amended only if passed by three-quarters of those members present and eligible to vote at an Annual General Meeting.

Two representatives of each Club may vote