Malpas Seniors Bowling League 2024

Richard Sheasby
Christine Quinlan
07710 257583
Roger Done
Bob Charlesworth

Malpas Senior Citizens Bowling League.

Rules – Revised January 2020


  1. The League shall be known as the Malpas Senior Citizens Bowling League. The object of the league shall be to promote bowling matches for Senior Citizens aged sixty and over for teams from within a radius of thirteen miles from St. Oswalds Church, Malpas.
  2. The length of service of the Chairman and Vice- Chairman should be for a fixed term of 3 years. All the remaining officers should be confirmed each year, with an election if more than 1 person is nominated for the position. The retiring Chairman should stay on the committee in an ex-officio capacity for 1 year.
  3. Each Club taking part shall pay an annual affiliation fee of £10.00 for each team entered. The captain of each team will collect match fees of 25p from each of his players at all home and away matches. The Treasurer to bill each club at the end of the season.
  4. League matches will be played on a home and away basis against all other teams in the Division. Teams shall consist of 8 players and all games shall be 21 up and governed by the laws of the B.C.G.B.A.
    The visiting team shall have the first jack. Captains of each team shall act as referees. The team scoring the highest number of chalks wins the match.  League positions will be determined by the total number of chalks scored in all matches played.
  5. League matches to be played on a Wednesday afternoons at 2:00pm.
    Cliff & Mary, Jim & Ivy Trophy and Jeff Carter Cup matches which are played on Thursdays begin at 1:30pm.
  6. Should any matches fail to start or be abandoned due to adverse weather conditions, the captains of the teams involved in the matches concerned shall arrange a new date for completion and inform the Secretary. Completed games shall stand and the uncompleted game scores shall be held over to the re-arranged date. In the event of a player being unable to play on the new date, a substitute may take over the score as it stood at the time of abandonment. Officials of the management committee shall rule in any case of dispute.
  7. Players shall be numbered by the captain of each team and shall play in that numerical order. All B.C.G.B.A. Registration numbers must be recorded on all score sheets.
  8. Each game shall be marked by a representative of each team who shall initial and check each other’s card every third end. In the event of a disagreement in the score, which cannot be settled amicably, the score shall revert to the end when the cards were last checked and agreed.
  9. The full list of fixtures must be completed. If any club is unable to field a full team of eight players in any week due to sickness, holidays, or any other cause, they must turn up with 6 or 7 players. The missing player(s) shall be recorded as having a nil score and the player from the opposing side shall be given 21 chalks.
  10. It is expected that clubs will fill teams by drawing players from the teams below them. In the event of the LOWEST team of a club being unable to field a full team, players from the first four players of the team may play twice. The captain may put face down three cards with the names of players willing to play twice. The opposing captain shall draw from these cards a player who is allowed to play twice. If more than 1 player is required he/she may continue to draw from the remaining cards. The points that these players score will count toward their team total, but 6 points shall be deducted from the total aggregate for that match for each player who has played twice.
  11. No player shall be permitted to play for more than 1 team in the same fixture week as stated in the published fixture list.
  12. No practice should be allowed by the home team on a match green within 1 hour of the commencement of the match and no player shall practice on an opponent’s green on the day of the match.
  13. Players can only play in one competition and for only one team in the Cliff & Mary, Jim & Ivy or Jeff Carter Trophy competitions in any one year.
  14. In the event that a Doubles competition where both teams finish with an equal number of chalks and also an equal number of wins, the issue should be resolved by a nominated pair of players from each team playing an additional game up to eleven chalks.
  15. Promotion and relegation of the two teams that have finished the season at the top of their division or at the bottom of the division should always be put into effect.
  16. Tea and biscuits will be provided by the home team at League and Doubles matches. If tea cannot be provided, perhaps some other form of liquid refreshment could be provided. When a host club provides a neutral green for a cup final or semi-final or provides a green for the Colin Paxton Competition that club may charge players for any refreshment provided.
  17. Should any queries arise, which are not provided for in these rules, the captains must contact the Secretary.